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Walking Panama Adventure
8 Days & 7 Nights

Day 1
Arrival to Panama

Upon arrival to Panama the group will be met in the Tocumen International airport by the Tour Leader and an interpretive guide and escorted to your hotel. This evening we will host a “Get Acquainted” event with cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and a tour briefing.

Day 2
Walking Tour of Panama City

We start our adventure by taking a walk through history and two of the most interesting architectural and cultural sites in the new world, Old Panama and Casco Antiguo.  First we will visit we will explore the ruins of Panama Vieja founded in 1519 and the first Spanish settlement on the Pacific side of the Americas.  Today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this ancient city of Panama was the gateway for Peru’s gold and silver to travel across the isthmus on its way to Spain. Your guide will lead you on an exploration of what remains of the cities original convents and seminaries, which were looted and destroyed by Sir Henry Morgan in 1671.

In the afternoon we will stroll through Casco Antiguo, the historic center of Panama City. It is a quiet, charming district of narrow streets overlooked by the flower bedecked balconies of two and three-story houses. At its tip lies French Park, a monument to the French builders and Ferdinand de Lesseps who began the Panama Canal.  As we meander through the area we will see the remaining ruins of the convents and seminaries, the famous Flat Arch which reportedly helped convince engineers that Panama was earth-quake-proof, the Presidential Palace, and the beautiful Cathedral with its mother of pearl covered spires. 

Meal Included: B,L,D

Day 3
Soberania National Park, Pipeline Road, and the Panama Canal

On our third day in Panama we will start by walking along the famous Pipeline road, considered by many as one of the best and most important birding locations in all Central America.  During World War II, an oil pipeline was built along the Panama Canal to transport fuel from one ocean to the other in the event the Panama Canal was attacked. The road built to maintain the pipeline provides access to the tropical forest of Sobernia National Park.  As we walk surrounded by the lush forest, our naturalist guide will be on the lookout for the inhabitants of this National Park and share its fascinating natural history.

After lunch we will head to Miraflores locks visitor center, one cannot visit Panama and not visit the Panama Canal. Located on the east side of the Miraflores Locks, the MVC allows the visitor to observe transiting vessels from a distance of only a few meters and learn firsthand about the various operations of the Panama Canal, the history of its construction, its participation in the world markets, and the importance of its watershed.  From the observation platform, you’ll watch in awe as ocean-going ships are tendered through huge locks with only inches to spare.

Meal Included: B,L,D

Day 4
Fort San Lorenzo and The Panama Canal Railway

This morning we will drive to the northwest end of the Panama Canal and visit San Lorenzo Fort.  Built at the mouth of the Chagres River, this Spanish bastion served to fortify and protect the river entrance to Las Cruces Trail that led to Panama City on the Pacific Ocean and was later also used as the port of entry for the 49ers on their way to the California Gold Rush.  Today we will walk through the lush rainforest within San Lorenzo National Park, where we might have the opportunity to see monkeys, two and three-toed sloths, coatimundi, toucans and other wildlife.  Our walk will end at the magnificent ruins of Fort San Lorenzo overlooking the Caribbean from the cliffs. After a picnic lunch we will set out to explore the ruins of the historic fort before heading back to the Panama Railway station in the city of Colon.

At the Panama Canal Railway station in the Caribbean port city of Colon we board the train for the one hour ride across the isthmus to Corozal. The train follows a similar route as the original train built to transport 49ers coming from the east coast of the United States across the Isthmus to continue their journey by boat to California.  The route was diverted when Gatun Lake was formed to give way to the Panama Canal. The train ride will take us along the magnificent waterway to the west and flanked by the lush rainforests of Soberania National Park to the east.

Meal Included: B,L,D

Day 5
Chiriqui Highlands – “Panama’s Breadbasket”

First thing in this morning we’ll board a plane for the short flight (1 hour) to the Chiriqui Highlands where we’ll embrace the mild climate of this beautiful mountainous region surrounded by cloud forest and produce farms.  Most of the produce and dairy that you encounter at Panama’s supermarkets is cultivated in this prosperous region of Panama.  Its people work the land with love and pride.  To introduce you to culture and history of this province we’ll begin by walking the trail that the local farmers use, winding through the fields, with Volcan Baru and surrounding mountains in the distance.   As we walk, we’ll encounter local farmers who will explain to us their techniques for cultivating this spectacular region and what it takes for these products to make it to your plate.

The highlands of Chiriqui are also known for flowers, and after lunch we will visit Finca Dracula.  Finca Dracula has one of the largest orchid collections in the World.  Here you will be introduced to the fascinating natural history of orchids and the world of an orchid enthusiast.

Meal Included: B,L,D

Day 6
International Park La Amistad & Sitio Barriles

Sharing its boundaries with neighboring Costa Rica, La Amistad International Park is a World Biosphere Reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site.  We spend this morning walking El Retoño trail and learning about the dynamics of a tropical cloud forest.   As we explore the trails of La Amistad we will be on search of the Resplendent Quetzal, the Silvery-fronted Tapaculo, the Black and Yellow Silky Flycatcher and many other western highland birds.  

After lunch we visit Sitio Barriles.  In 1947 eighteen human-sized sculptured figures were found at this site and determined to be the remains of a long lost culture that lived in the region below Volcan Baru.  It has been theorized that these statues, now on display at the Museum of Anthropology in Panama City, are evidence of the early migration of man.

Meal Included: B,L,D

Day 7
Panama Canal Zone

After an early morning flight back to Panama City we’ll stretch our legs by exploring on foot the former US Panama Canal zone.  This 553 square mile territory surrounding the Panama Canal from Atlantic to Pacific was under US control from 1903 to 1999. At the turn of the millennium, The US Panama Canal Zone and the Panama Canal passed to the Panamanian people in accordance with the “Torrijos-Carter Treaty” of 1979 and became part of the national territory of Panama.

We will start our walk at the top of Ancon Hill which boasts views of the Panama Canal, the entrance of the canal, and Panama City.  As we will down the hill we’ll stop at the Panama Canal Administration Building to see the murals painted by William B. Van Ingen, which depict the story of the construction of the Panama Canal in four main scenes.  We will finish our walk at the former YMCA building, transformed into a huge craft market with examples of arts and crafts from all over Panama.

This evening we gather for our farewell dinner at Mi Pueblito, an exact replica of a small, Panamanian, interior town at the turn of the century.  There is also a museum is devoted to the pollera, Panama's national dress.  As we relax into the evening enjoying cocktails and some traditional entradas, we will be entertained by music and dancing from local performers. 

Meal Included: B,L,D

Day 8
Panama Departure

Today we’ll say farewell to this enchanting country and return home, where you’ll be eager to share your incredible Panama experiences.

Meals Included: B

Each departure itinerary may vary slightly. Although the day in which a stop is listed may differ, you will enjoy the same experiences listed here.


What better way to really enjoy your surroundings than to slow down and take a walk.  By meandering along at a comfortable pace, one is able to truly absorb the world and the beauty that surrounds them.  This tour is dedicated to experiencing Panama on foot. 

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