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       The Wild Side of the Panama Canal

This day tour combines the thrill of encountering wildlife in their natural habitats while passing in the shadows of the mammoth cargo ships transiting the Panama Canal. 

Gatun Lake, with a surface area of 423 square-kilometers, was created in 1914 as the main waterway for the canal and contains many small islands (former hilltops) that provide protected natural habitats for many of the animals that live in the region.  With all the rivers in the surrounding watershed area flowing into this reservoir, which provides the 52 million gallons required per lockage, this is a highly protected region.  Without the healthy rainforest of the watershed land, over 500,000 hectares, the canal could not function.  Healthy rainforest provides good habitats, and therefore these forest are teaming with wildlife. 

From the comfort of our expedition boat  which allows shoreline access to the rainforest covered islands we will search for white-faced capuchin, mantled howler monkey, central american spider monkey, and Geoffrey’s tamarin. We are likely to spot green iguana and three-toed sloth resting on tree branches, crocodile napping on beaches, osprey hunting for peacock bass, snail kite, and keel-billed toucan.  After an exciting morning, we'll stop for a mid-day lunch break at one of the islands for a picnic lunch at a tropical oasis.

What to Bring:
Insect Repellent
Light Raincoat
Three toed Sloth Panama
Panama Canal Cargo Vessel

Bilingual Naturalist Guide
Boat & Captain
Picnic Lunch

Central American Black Spider Monkey Panama
White throated capuchin monkey Panama Canal
Chagres National Park Panama
Duration: Approx. 5 -6 hours
Pick up at Hotel: 8:00am
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