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               Metropolitan Nature Park
What to Bring:
Comfortable Clothes
Walking Shoes
Binoculars, Camera, Insect Repellent Sunscreen, Hat

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Duration: Approx. 4 hours
Pick up at Hotel: 7:00am
Chestnut Mandible Toucan Panama
Bilingual Naturalist Guide
Park Entrance Fee
Geoffreys Tamarin Monkey Panama

Metropolitan Nature Park, located only ten minutes from downtown Panama City is the only Tropical Forest Park within a capital city in all of Latin America. The area has remained largely undisturbed for the last 80 years and is a great place to experience dry, deciduous, lowland tropical forest. What makes Metro Park so unique is that it is adjacent to the Panama Canal watershed land that consists of 552,761 hectares (1,365,902 acres) of national parks and protected reserve land. Within the 265 hectares (655 acres) that make up the park you can find up to 267 species of birds, 3 species of monkeys, two and three-toed sloths, many reptiles, and much more.  They don’t know they’ve entered the city limits!

From the Mirador, the park’s highest point located at 150 meters above sea level, one can see the Bay of Panama and the islands of Perico, Naos, Flamenco, Taboguilla and Taboga.  One can also observe the Panama Canal entrance on the Pacific side, the Bridge of the Americas, and Ancon Hill.

On this tour you will enjoy a slow walk through the forest looking for wildlife while learning about your natural surroundings and encounters from a certified interpretive guide with expertise in tropical ecology. 

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